Why is it Difficult to Find Appliances Right Now?

Finding appliances these days is not as straightforward as it used to be. This is due to a combination of pandemic-related manufacturing delays, increased demand, and other supply chain issues that are affecting large appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, and oven stoves. Kitchen appliances, especially the larger and more popular ones, are particularly hard to come by right now and may take longer than usual to arrive at your home. The coronavirus pandemic has been the main cause of this situation for the past two years.

It has created conditions for a shortage of domestic appliances last year and this continues to be the case even now. Although the shortage of large appliances is a major national issue right now, you may not see many empty showrooms at the local level. According to Angela Warner, an appliance specialist and spokesperson for Warners' Stellian, the problem does not necessarily have to do with empty warehouses either. Read on for the latest news on appliance supply chain issues, how to determine the best course of action, and tips for buying appliances now.

Used appliances in good condition may be available at a local store (other than a big box), online through Facebook Marketplace, eBay or Craigslist, or at a local repair shop. If the shortage of semiconductor chips persists for much longer, home appliance manufacturers may have to follow the example of automakers and produce household appliances without some of the high-tech features that consumers are used to now. Local appliance retailers tend to have experienced and knowledgeable vendors who specialize in large appliances. However, since then, household appliances full of "smart technology" have become commonplace, requiring home appliance manufacturers to rely on computer chips for features like smart refrigerators.

Keep an eye out for large appliances from Korean manufacturers Samsung and LG, suggests Carter, as you are likely to find more discounts on their large appliances than those offered by other manufacturers.

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