What do you call a person who fixes refrigerators?

When you call someone in the Appliance Repair field, you are highly trained and qualified to repair your appliance. These individuals are cross-trained on a variety of possible solutions for household appliances. The person is called handyman. A handyman is an expert in a wide range of repairs, usually at home.

The Stack Exchange network is made up of 180 communities that include Stack Overflow, the largest and most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge and develop their careers. Connect and share knowledge in one structured, easy-to-search location. So your refrigerator has stopped working and you need someone to repair it. The main question should be; how to get someone reliable to repair your refrigerator without charging you exorbitant costs? There are so many professional contractors out there who are ready to take on the job.

However, like any other service, you should be careful when hiring a professional for the job. A person who works on faulty heating systems is called a heating repair contractor, while a man who works on air conditioners is called an air conditioning repair contractor.

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