Why appliances out of stock?

Consumers are finding that mainstream appliances are out of stock this year, due to supply chain disruptions caused in part by COVID-19. Ogilvie says that any supply chain is subject to the “whip effect”, in which small changes in demand at the consumer level are amplified exponentially at the end of the commodity supply chain. Limited appliances and long wait times can be attributed to multiple factors, such as the manufacturing lockdown due to COVID. While big box stores like Amazon or BestBuy may be without the appliances you're looking for, some smaller retailers may still have it in stock. You can also get other benefits by purchasing small products, such as installation and repair services.

More people spent, and are still spending, more time at home and eating at home than ever before in the last two years. In some cases, this meant wear and tear on older appliances. Cooking more at home, doing more laundry at home, even more fun at home has led to the need for new appliances. Used appliances in good condition may be available at a local store (other than a big box), online through Facebook Marketplace, eBay or Craigslist, or at a local repair shop.

If the shortage of semiconductor chips continues for much longer, home appliance manufacturers may have to follow the example of automakers and re-make household appliances without some of the high-tech features that consumers are used to now.

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