How repair refrigerator?

When a refrigerator gasket (usually a rubber gasket around the door) hardens or cracks, its seal breaks and the efficiency of the unit drops dramatically. Test the door seal for leaks by placing a dollar bill between the seal and the door jamb and closing the door. If it offers some resistance, the gasket is likely to fit correctly. If the banknote comes out directly or falls out, the gasket is faulty and must be replaced.

Check the gasket in several places around the door. Before replacing the gasket, check the door hinges for leaks. If it seems that replacing a temperature sensor is beyond your DIY skills, call an appliance repair technician. Although troubleshooting the refrigerator often requires a person who repairs the refrigerator, you can solve some simple problems and repairs of the refrigerator yourself.

If you find that the refrigerator is plugged into a working electrical outlet, your circuit breaker has not been turned on and the cold control is set correctly, but the device is still showing no signs of life, leave the door closed to retain cold air and call an appliance repair technician. You may be surprised to learn that repairs are quite easy, as they only require a little knowledge about the appliance and a little patience.

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